Future Planning (Northern Railway)

The following works have been planned, sanctioned and will be executed in next one year

  1. Development to main entrance of SOJ Colony.
  2. Replacement of worn out overhead tank at Sewa Nagar and provision of surface tanks at SOJ and MNTB.
  3. Improvement to sewerage, water supply system of staff qtrs at HNZM.
  4. Improvement to beams, chajjas, existing plaster, parapets of Type-II qrs at SWNR & LDCY Railway Colonies.
  5. Provision of safety wall, grills and gates in front of Block No.123, 124, 125 at Mata Sundri Place and Block No.8 to 37 at M.K.Road.
  6. Improvement to water supply distribution system and surface tank at Minto Bridge colony.
  7. Improvement to roofs and doors at staff quarters, Minto Bridge colony.
  8. Improvement to balconies along track in Thompson Road and Minto Bridge colony.
  9. Restoration of water supply through newly constructed Over Head tank by Construction organization.
  10. Repairs to lavoratory, bathroom of Type-II Qrs Block No.105 to 110, 111, 117, 161 and 162 at Thompson Road.
  11. Improvement to ceiling, plaster, beams, chajjas and stair case in Type-I & Type-II Qrs at Minto Bridge and Thompson Road Rly colonies.
  12. Improvement to road surface and Babar Road and Central Place Railway colonies.
  13. Provision of safety wall, grills and gates in front of of Block No.123, 124, 125 at Mata Sundri Place and Block No.8 to 37 at M.K.Road.
  14. Repairs to main sewer line of Block No.11 to 26 at Tilak Bridge Colony.
  15. Improvement to lanes and safety doors in Type-II & Type-III Qrs.at College Lane colony.
  16. Repairs to kitchen, doors, windows, flooring safety doors in Type-IV officers flat at ANVR.
  17. Repair to road surface at Minto Bridge. MS Place and Mahavat Khan Road.
  18. Repairs to leaky roof, chajjas, mumties and improvement to balance kitchen, toilets at SWNR. LDCY and LPNR Colony.
  19. Provision of Boundary wall along track from block No.1 to 13 to prevent encroachments in TKJ Rly Colony.
  20. Improvement to flooring, plastering in Out Houses of Bunglow No.1 to 16, improvement to toilets, kitchens and flooring of rooms in Type-II Qtrs and repair to kitchen of gang qtrs at TKJ Rly Colony.
  21. Provision of back yard fencing in officers flats 1 to 16 and improvement to garages of officer flats at TKJ Colony.
  22. Improvement to Medical Branch A II at B.House.
  23. Improvement to flooring wood work for booking counters at KKDM reservation office.
  24. Improvement to fire fighting system and making operational with annual maintenance at Anand Vihar Colony.
  25. Exterior w/washing/Painting and Renovation of fountains in Rail Bhavan.
  26. Provision of visitor Room for CRB and improvement at gate No.2 & 4 providing pipe line and water proofing work in lifts at Rail Bhavan.
  27. Provision additional toilet in block No.18, 19, 20,23,10, 42 & 43 at S.P.Marg Rly Colony.
  28. Provision of concertina coil on boundary wall of SP Road colony.
  29. Improvement to flooring by vitrified tiles in Type-V, Type-VI Bunglows at SM Marg colony.
  30. Provision of prefabricated cabin, work station for mechanical work shop, S&T Store, repair to cash office, tender room, shed for unsafe material lying in DRM Office.
  31. Provision of additional store, toilet in Type-V bunglows at C.H.Road .
  32. Repair to cub board with modular kitchen cabinet at SP Road, SM Marg and T.Camp.
  33. Improvement to worn out sunshades and chajjas of Type-V and VI bunglows in SP Road.
  34. Improvement to water supply, drainage, chajjas„ leaky roof in Brar Square Rly colony.
  35. Improvement to health unit, telephone exchange and other service building at SP Road Rly colony.
  36. Improvement to exterior and interior walls in Type-V, Type-VI and Type-III bungalows at SP Road colony.
  37. Replacement of damaged wooden cub board, improvement to water supply in Type-V bunglows at SM Marg.
  38. Replacement of damaged wooden cubboard, improvement to water supply in Type-VI bunglows at SM Marg.
  39. Prov. Of R.O. 4 nos in C.F.Road and one no. in NRCH.
  40. Prov.of sump-well with sewer line in DBSI Colony, replacement of damaged tanks with pipe line in P.B.Colony.
  41. Renovation of toilet/bath/kit of 300 nos qrs.
  42. Renovation of toilet/bath/kit of 200 qrs.
  43. Renovation of ward no.7 in NRCH.
  44. Provision of sports activity Hall and improvement to parking area in P.K.Road and C.F.Road colony.
  45. Provision of PNG connections in P.K.Road and C.F.Road colony.
  46. Improvement to road, drainage and exterior surface in Basant Lane colony.
  47. Provision of tiles in DKZ-I Colony (50 Nos.).
  48. Repair to open drain in B.No. 26 to 32 at DKZ-I.
  49. Provision of tiles in North Colony at SSB ( 75 Nos.).
  50. Replacement of broken A.C.Sheet in the s/o E,F,RS & H at Genl.store, SSB.
  51. Repair to damaged balcony in B.No.106 to 108 at DKZ-II.
  52. Renovation of ward no.7 at NRCH.
  53. Repair of roads of Basant Lane, Rly colony.
  54. Improvement to park at Dayabasti.
  55. Improvement to toilet, bath and kitchen at Punjabi Bagh (100 nos) qrs.
  56. Improvement to step parking and dormitory in K.S.Stadium.
  57. Replacement of arch roof of out houses at T.Hazari (20 Nos.)
  58. Improvement to circulating nurses hostel (NRCH).
  59. Improvement to flooring kitchen, toilet, balconies at P.K.Road (50 nos flats).


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